August 2014 Newsletter

Hello JETAASE members:

Welcome to the August 2014 edition of the JETAASE newsletter!

We have some big events coming up over the next few months, including Japanese classes, film showings, Japanfest Atlanta, and a welcome back for the returning JETs.

Stay tuned to our blog for details concerning recruiting season, special discounts for Atlanta-area events and details regarding how *you* can volunteer for a spot at Japanfest Atlanta. (Send us an email if you can't wait to join us at the JETAASE table! Volunteers receive free entry and the scheduling flexibility to visit and enjoy other areas at the festival.)

If you have an idea for a monthly "Tanoshii Time" or potential social / networking event, please let us know.

Thanks, Emily Clanton, JETAASE Vice President

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Good Luck to New JET Program Participants!

Once again the JET Alumni Association of the Southeast partnered with the Japanese Consulate in Atlanta to conduct the annual pre-departure orientation for new JET program participants as well as the send off reception.

See our photo albums for both events on our web page!

In addition, National AJET has taken to social media to welcome our friends to Japan. Don't miss their welcome video as well as photos from Tokyo Orientation.

Departing JETs Receive Award

In appreciation of JETs' contributions to Japan, and to show how much they value program participants, all 1,450 JETs leaving the JET Program this summer are being awarded with a "JET Kizuna Ambassador" certificate by the government. The certificates have been sent to each local government. In case that some JETs have already left, local governments will be sending them out to the JET.

At the end of July, 4 JETs were honored directly by the Minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) in Tokyo. The ceremony was covered by TV media.

Meet the New CULCON Chairman, Harry Hill

As we await news on the JETAA USA non-profit initiative*, JQ Magazine has shared an interview with the new the chairman of CULCON (and inaugural JET participant) Harry Hill.

"My advice to the JETs is, don't be afraid to take center stage and be memorable (of course in a respectful way), because these seemingly random relationships or encounters can be the source of great opportunity."

Learn more about The U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON).

* If you are unfamiliar, this online presentation will get you up to speed on the JETAA USA non-profit initiative and future organizational partnership opportunities with CULCON.

Upcoming Events Around the Southeast

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