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Welcome to your home, new JETs! Now that you're settled in, AJET is here to help you with the next steps. Check out an awesome article by our own Verity Lane of Hokkaido on "how to ALT"! Be sure to read the After Tokyo section to learn what to do in your first month and beyond, too.

Credit for image and original article goes to Tofugu.


AJET-JALT Conference

AJET Block 3 is jointly hosting the JALT Conference in Nagano on August 30th and is inviting all of AJET to join them! As JET participants, we will all receive a 50% discount on the registration fee.

Can't make it to this event? No worries! Stay up to date with everything happening around Japan with the National AJET events calendar.


Your Representatives

Have you had a chance yet to learn about your National AJET representatives? Learn who your Block Representative is, and read about how they are serving our community on the AJET National Council by visiting the AJET website. 

They are always here to listen, so keep in touch and feel free to contact them if there's anything you need help with!


National AJET YouTube Channel

National AJET is proud to present a welcome video for new JETs, made in collaboration with AJET organizations across Japan. 

Subscribe for more exciting YouTube updates from National AJET as our channel kicks into gear. Upcoming videos include one for JETTeach, a series on ALT teaching, and an installment of the JETLife series, which deals with the common idiosyncrasies of life as a JET.



AJET National Council Goals for 2014-2015

  1. Increase financial transparency and sustainability
  2. Increase offers and discounts for JETs
  3. Build new and better resources for JETs
  4. Revamp website for improved accessibility
  5. Broadcast through an active and inclusive YouTube channel 
  6. Recreate Tatami Timeshare for travelling JETs
  7. Strengthen relationships with JETAA and JET alumni

If you have any inquiries about these, please feel free to contact AJET Chair Sandy Cheng.


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