North Carolina

New Japanese Restaurants in North Carolina

New Japanese Restaurants Opening in NCKyle Munn, a JET alumna living in North Carolina, notes several new or soon-to-be-opened restaurants in NC that are worth checking out.

Dashi is a ramen shop and izakaya in downtown Durham. It is opening in early-January. I was lucky enough to go to a tasting a few weeks ago and the ramen in very good. Definitely not the instant soup stuff a lot of places around here try to pass off!

Blue Kudzu Sake Company
A fellow JETAA told me about this place they checked out while in Asheville a couple months ago. A real live sake brewery in the mountains of NC. Between this place and the wasabi farm out there it's starting to turn into Little Japan.

Japanese Lessons at the NC Japan Center (Raleigh, NC)

The Japan Center is still accepting registrations for their spring Japanese lessons. Classes range from beginning level to JLPT preparation courses with classes for adults and children.

For more information, please visit