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2014 Q&A for Departing JET Participants

On June 28th 35 departing JETs and 13 guests will meet with JET alumni (and one JETparent) to get answers to their questions about living in Japan. The volunteers will help the departing JETs with topics such as Expectations and Community Involvement, Culture Shock,Emergency preparedness, Banking and Finance, Job functions (ES&JHS/ HS/ CIR, Parents & Spouses,) Packing / What to Bring, Learning Japanese, Team-tTaching/ Coworker Relations, Food and Etiquette, Setting Goals, and Issues Particular to Female JETs, Rural JETs, and Minority JETs.

If you are attending please remember that registration will be from 9:40-9:55am. The program is scheduled to start at 10am SHARP!

Access to the building is limited on the weekends. If you arrive late someone will have to go downstairs to let you in the building. Please be on time! 

Where: Phipps Tower

2nd Floor Meeting Room 

3438 Peachtree Rd.

Atlanta, GA 30326 

For directions please visit the following website:


Thank you to all volunteers, officers, and coordinators who have all been working hard to make the departing JETs transition to life in Japan a smooth one: Liz Bigler, Emily Clanton, Kate Cotter-Reilly, Stephen Haverfield, Yeu-Li Huang, Lorena Jordan , Judy O'Reilly, Paul Schultz, Princess Small, Jason Smith, Valerie Stewart, Mellissa Takeuchi, Rachelle Udell, and Elizabeth Williams!